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Cover your Building against Fire

Fire and Perils insurance

Protect your Building against Fire

Get financial protection against fire, lightening,
and explosion damages to buildings.

Get Covered against Burglary

Burglary/Theft Insurance

Let theft not worry you.

Get financial protection against burglary incidents

Contractors All Risks

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Let us protect your contracts.

Get financial protection against burglary incidents

Personal Accident Insurance

Individual/Family Personal Accident Insurance

Risks Covered

Get financial protection against bodily injury resulting from an accident...

Your Car insurance, Our Duty

Motor Vehicle Insurance

We know you love your car

Get financial protection against motor vehicle related accidents, carjacking, robbery,

Work Injury Benefit Act (WIBA) Insurance

Work Injury Benefits Act (2007)

Work Injury Benefits Act (2007)

Get compensation for work related injuries to your employees.

Motorcycle Insurance

Insure your Motor cycle

Insure your Motor cycle

Motor Vehicle Insurance

This policy covers both Private and Commercial Vehicles and protects the insured against loss and third-party legal liabilities arising from accidental damage,fire,theft and malicious damage.

Domestic Package Insurance

This policy provides cover for buildings and household contents and it is extended to cover domestic workers. Domestic package insurance covers the following risks:
Section A - Cover for the structure (building) of your home.
Section B - Cover for your personal belongings or contents of the building.
Section C - Cover for items you move with outside the house such as mobile phones, watches, IPads, laptops, rings,cameras, spectacles. This section is also referred to as All Risks.
Section D- Liability protection, this covers domestic workers for injury or death while undertaking domestic work.
Sections E and F - Coverage of owners and occupiers against lawsuits for injury or property damage caused to other people.

Medical Insurance

This policy provides health plans for individuals, families, travelers and employees. This policy also caters for coverage of international medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Personal Accident Insurance

This Policy provides cover for death or bodily injury sustained through accidental means.

Fire & Peril Insurance
Contractors All Risk Insurance
WIBA Insurance
Travel insurance
Professional Indemnity
Fire & Peril Insurance

Provides cover for loss or damage by fire, lightning, bush fire, earthquake fire and shock, explosion, storm, tempest, flood, overflowing and/or bursting of water pipes and tanks, aircraft impact, riots, strikes and civil commotion, malicious damage and spontaneous combustion.

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Cover against loss or damage to contract works, construction plant & equipment, construction machinery and third party claims in respect of property damage or bodily injury.

WIBA Insurance

The Work Injury Benefits Act (2007) provides compensation to employees for work related injuries and diseases contracted in the course of employment.

Travel insurance

Indemnity against loss or damage to baggage, Personal Accident Insurance, Emergency Medical including riot, strike and malicious damage whilst on travel.

Professional Indemnity

Indemnity against legal liability to third parties arising out of breach of professional duty through negligence, error or omission by the insured or their employees while performance professional duties.


Personal Insurance Solutions

We offer various insurance products for personal use.
Explore our Personal line products.

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Commercial Insurance Solutions

We offer various insurance products for commercial use.
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Who We Are

AssureLink Insurance Agency was established by a group of Kenyan insurance professionals based in the UK with the intention of being the link between local clients, insurance providers, and those with interests in Kenya worldwide.

Before 2009

Kenyan-born insurance professionals who had a breakthrough in their careers both locally and internationally engaged to find a solution to insurance impediments in Kenya and abroad.

Year, 2009

The professionals established and registered Assurelink Insurance Agency in Nairobi, Kenya.


Ten years later, Assurelink Insurance Agency grows into a brokerage. This means we have redefined how we deliver our services through continued innovations, professionalism, and unrivalled customer care!

AssureLink Insurance Brokers, your link to local and global insurance solutions.
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Our Core Values
Vision Statement

Vision Statement

To transform insurance perception and increase penetration and awareness.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide unrivalled and assured insurance brokerage services to our clients locally and internationally

Our Core Values

Assurelink Insurance Brokers Core Values

trategic - we have strategic partnerships in the insurance industry.
assionate - we are passionate about what we do.
ccountability - we are accountable for your needs.
eliable - we are reliable, responsible & reachable.
nowledgeable - we are knowledgeable and well equipped on insurance matters.
istening - we listen and respond professionally.
ngaging - we take time to understand your needs.

Our Testimonials

  • RobertAuto Spark Plugs

    Your customer service is excellent. I had an issue with my insurer and on your intervention we were able to settle the matter on time and I was very happy. Thank you AssureLink Insurance Brokers Ltd.

  • JaneBeyond Corporate Communications

    Your services are excellent. I am very happy of your quick response when I urgently needed travel insurance. You quickly responded and in less than an hour I had my travel insurance certificate as well as my Visa.

  • KirstenChina

    I express my satisfaction of your services and especially in the claim that we had and almost lost hope on payment. When you intervened everything went smoothly in a very short time and the claim was settled. Thank you AssureLink.

  • SteffanieMutual Client

    Thank you very much AssureLink I really appreciate your swiftness and professional customer care. You are great and I look forward to insuring more with you. Thank you very much.

  • JaneAquawell Ltd

    Your services are simply the best. Since I started getting insurance from other intermediaries I have never received the quality of service like the one I got from you.

  • JohnGrand Works Media Ltd

    AssureLink Insurance Brokers are exemplary service providers. When I was taken ill and hospitalized, you ensured I was admitted even without my medical card. You didn’t stop there; but paid me a visit in my hospital bed. Even on discharge you were there to ensure all was smooth. Your services are practically excellent.

  • SamMicro Africa Consultants Ltd

    AssureLink have amazed me with their services. I have heard two claims one for my car and the other one for my golf club. All I did was to document and the rest was handled by them. After one week the next thing i knew was that the cheques were delivered at my door step. Truly your Assured Service Excellence Stands!!

  • Rose PVH-Hong Kong, Kenya Office

    We have had a very cordial relationship for over three years. During this time, you have served us effectively and satisfactorily. We, therefore, have no reservations in recommending you to any company in need of insurance services.

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